The Strength of SimpleMDG

By utilizing the templates to start, “You” can quickly start to see the results in process and improve data quality for the long-term.

Data Governance without Knowledge Repository is a trial-and-error strategy that requires lots of resources, cost and time.

On the contrary, thanks to our extensive expertise in SAP, we know for sure the correct data to use and apply in different processes. They are the rules and data quality knowledge we have in our templates that can be easily configured to your specific requirements.


When it comes to developing features for SimpleMDG, our philosophy is absolutely simple – everything is built around delivering data quality.  We believe that data quality does not happen by accident.

SimpleMDG Administration features allow enterprises to deliver the results by controlling the actions that drive processes towards data quality.

SimpleMDG administration features allow Admins to configure SimpleMDG processes for their organizations and make sure they run smoothly, all without programming or coding skills. Some of the Adminstration features include the following:

SimpleMDG offers lots of features that enterprises can set up and configure to provide a smooth end to end process while delivering data quality – did we mention that there is no coding needed.

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