SimpleMDG at a Glance

See how Master Data Governance’s different with and without SimpleMDG.

Key Features & Benefits

SimpleMDG focuses on the essential features needed to efficiently improve your process, ensure data quality and see Return On Investment as early as possible.

Knowledge Repository

To Ensure High Data Quality

The SAP Knowledge Repository is SimpleMDG’s global proprietary master database which contains SAP business processes. It comes with intuitive, no code configuration of UI form layouts, field input and display logic, screen sequences, validation and derivation rules, templates and workflows.

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Dashboards and Widgets

For Data Visualization and Analytics

SimpleMDG provides end-to-end visualization of data, with dashboards and widgets that support self-configurable displays, 3D colors graphical monitoring of master data change request status, performance history, processing time, data quality performance statistics, user specific workflow inbox task lists, etc. We also deliver out-of-the-box integrations to solutions and services that enhance data quality and provide seamless experience for trusted data.

Service Integrations

MDG Requests

To Manage Business Processes Efficiently

Requestors can use MDG requests to create, maintain, extend, delete and status control over 50 SAP S/4HANA standard objects depending on authorizations. Additional object search, mass change, and reference copy functions are provided. All displays including search parameters are fully configurable online. Mandatory and optional fields along with S/4HANA IMG reference tables are displayed along with multi-language error messages, workflow and audit logs.

Collaboration Software

SCOUT Accelerators

For Powerful Business Cases

SCOUT AI based SAP ERP profit mining tool that automatically detects “hidden” business performance gaps caused by master data and configuration data quality defects. Evaluates and prioritizes 1000’s of SAP S/4HANA data quality issues to maximize future MDG financial and operational value. Self-use expert systems to pre-configure basic SimpleMDG object data models and workflows for rapid deployment with minimum external support needed.

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Security Services

Key Benefits of SAP BTP Security Services with SimpleMDG

Enjoy SimpleMDG with security service

Enjoy SimpleMDG with security service that delivers comprehensive identity and access management as well as domain and field-level validation.

your data governance

Safeguard your data governance policy and standard with comprehensive integrated security service that you rely upon to securely run core business application.

Protect your enterprise Master Data

Safeguard your data governance policy and standard with comprehensive integrated security service that you rely upon to securely run core business application.

MDG Requests

SimpleMDG requests are containers that control the quality of S/4HANA and other master data in order to maximize business performance. Requests process SAP master data (e.g., material record) according to pre-defined business rules linked to attributes in an SAP data model. Workflows define the logical sequence of tasks required to complete a request and activate or replicate new or changed master data in SAP S/4HANA active tables and other target transaction systems. These tasks co-ordinate all the users and information sources required across an enterprise to maintain and approve the attributes to the agreed standards.

Request Type Examples

  1. SimpleMDG Request Type Create:  Creates new master data records (e.g. customers or materials)
  2. SimpleMDG Request Type Maintain: Changes existing master data records.
  3. SimpleMDG Request Type Control Status: Changes master data record the status (e.g., blocked or deleted).
  4. SimpleMDG Mass Change: Can change multiple records at once.

Request Extra Functions

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